Can CBD Drops Get You High?

Jan 01, 2019
Can CBD Drops Get You High?


Short answer – No.

CBD oil drops will not get you high because CBD is not a psychoactive compound. But, it may induce relaxation so if you want to label that as ‘getting high’, then yes. However, that’s not really ‘high’ in either medical or conventional sense of the word.

That was the short answer. If you wish to dig further, keep reading this post.


CBD vs. THC – Understanding The Difference For Better Clarity


To really understand why CBD oil will not get you high, you first need to understand the difference between CBD and THC. Once that difference is clear, you will not fear using CBD oil products to get its health benefits.

CBD is one of the many compounds found in cannabis. The research that went into studying its effect on health found this cannabinoid to positively impact mood, stress, sore muscles, and even skin health. It also found CBD to fight inflammation and sleep disorders. While the research on CBD is not entirely conclusive, it is fairly favorable. Every day researchers are finding more and more supporting evidence that speaks in favor of its positive health effects.

The true reason why that research and positive effects of oil are overshadowed is because of another compound – THC – which is also present in this plant.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) carries psychotropic properties. It tends to induce feelings of anxiety, elevation, sedation, and relaxation. It may even cause an occasional user to experience delusions and hallucinations. This is why many people are afraid to try CBD products.

Since both these compounds are closely related, people often wonder whether CBD oil will get them high or not. What’s more, the fact that THC in most forms is banned in most places, a lot of people mix them up causing unnecessary worry.


What The Scientific Research On CBD Has To Say


Therapeutic benefits of CBD are famous culturally worldwide and over the years scientific research is also coming forward to back up those claims. One of the many published research papers gave special attention to studying CBD and its medicinal effects. The paper claimed this substance to be non-psychotropic. It further pointed out how this compound has great implications for fighting inflammation.

Many studies even went on to claim CBD to carry antipsychotic properties. What it basically means is that CBD tends to nullify the effects of other cannabinoids like THC. According to a research study that was published back in 2006, CBD carries anti-anxiety and anxiolytic effects.

It’s surprising how these CBD and THC have entirely different effects even though they come from the same plant. It’s true that we need further evidence and as much research as we can get to stipulate its true benefits. But, the available research material is quite enough to back up good claims.

CBD Oil Extracted From Hemp vs. Marijuana


CBD oil can come from both marijuana and hemp. In fact, CBD that comes from industrial hemp is totally legal. It carries a negligible amount of THC which is less than 0.3 percent. This is because hemp CBD comes from its sturdy stalk which is what hemp is primarily grown and produced for. It’s almost impossible to get high from industrial hemp or any of its derived products.

However, marijuana-CBD is not legal everywhere. In most places, it’s not. Marijuana based products come with different CBD-THC levels. Anyone who is concerned about getting high should avoid marijuana-CBD based products or only get the products that come with confirmed CBD and THC quantities.

Marijuana carries high quantities of THC while hemp doesn’t. On the other hand, this ratio is reversed for both when it comes to CBD. This is why it’s uncommon for CBD to come from marijuana since it’s naturally low in this compound while hemp is rich in it.

The Process For Making CBD Oil


Hemp plants are specifically grown to carry the highest levels of CBD and lowest possible THC levels. The fact that hemp has naturally high CBD content further helps this cause.

Marijuana carries 5-10% THC while hemp carries less than tenth of that (approximately 0.5-1%). This is practically non-existent. The bud of the cannabis carries THC in highest concentration but hemp is grown without those buds to avoid THC.

There are three methods through which CBD oil is extracted –

  • Using ethanol
  • Using carrier oil
  • Pushing CO2 at high pressure in an industrial setup

It doesn’t matter which process was used for making oil. They all rely on CBD that comes from hemp in its purest form with zero/negligible levels of THC.

Effects of CBD and CBD oil usage


CBD oil tends to induce feelings of relaxation and it can also help take the edge off. It does so without making you feel sedated or euphoric. As low as 1-20 mg of consumption should have these effects. Any more than 20mg + dosage can cause drowsiness. Let it be known that different users may react differently to different dosages, so it is always good to start with a low dosage to see which quantity works best for you.

You can use CBD oil to feel calm and rejuvenated. Many people consume CBD oil as a tincture or like a regular edible. Some take it in the form of a capsule. It can also be used as an ointment or a topical cream for external application.


CBD is not a psychotropic compound like THC. In fact, it tends to nullify its effects. It’s important not to let the effects of THC overshadow the myriad benefits that CBD in its many forms including oil has to offer.

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