CBD Content In Hemp vs. Marijuana

Dec 10, 2018
CBD Content In Hemp vs. Marijuana

The first and major parameter for differentiating CBD (cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids) content present in hemp vs. marijuana is based on –
the levels of CBD and THC present in both.


CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) levels vary significantly in cannabis and hemp.


THC levels in cannabis are more highly concentrated than the THC found in hemp. There is almost 5%-10% THC content in Cannabis. According to the research, this level is perfect for users who seek it for recreational purposes as this level contributes to a range of psychoactive effects.


Hemp, on the other hand carriers around 0.3% to 1.5% THC levels. This level is not even close to what you would need to experience the ‘high’.


THC levels are low in hemp but the CBD content is higher. In cannabis, however, we see this in reverse. Meaning, cannabis carries higher levels of THC and low levels of CBD.


Medical Implications of hemp CBD vs. cannabis CBD

THC is responsible for pain alleviation, relaxation and feeling of euphoria although some experience paranoia and anxiety. CBD on the other hand helps fight inflammation, migraine, nausea and is primarily known for its ‘medicinal’ usage.

The general thumb rule dictates that higher CBD levels tend to nullify the effects of THC.


With that said, CBD from cannabis is linked with pain relief and for its cancer fighting properties. But, the effects of cannabis CBD are brought along with a range of psychoactive feelings since THC content is high in cannabis.


These psychoactive feelings are missing if you consume hemp-derived CBD thus making it a much safer option.


Safety Implications of hemp CBD vs. cannabis CBD


Hemp CBD happens to be safe for consumption. Even children, pregnant women and nursing women can consume it. Sometimes doctors may even prescribe it to patients who are not able to take over-the-counter medicines.


CBD derived from hemp happens to be non-toxic for consumption since THC is non-existent. It carries no psychoactive impact. There are no side-effects either.


As already discussed, hemp CBD has several ‘medicinal’ implications. It helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety, migraine, fights inflammation, and even cancer.


CBD on the other hand comes from marijuana.  You will often find experts advising against its consumption. It can particularly be dangerous for consumption by children and pregnant/nursing women due to its myriad psychoactive implications.


Over consumption could even lead to severe negative side-effects. Operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle is highly discouraged post consumption.


A Quick Final Comparison


CBD sure carries a lot of potential for the health and wellness industry which is why its production is rapidly increasing. There is also a lot of ongoing research on CBD products and the safety of their consumption.


With that said, it’s important to remember that CBD coming from cannabis and hemp are not identical at all even though their chemical composition appears to be same.


Major differences between the two range from psychoactive effects, medical implications, legalization, and production methods.


From this quick comparison, it becomes apparent that hemp-derived CBD is clearly the best for consumption than CBD coming from cannabis.


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