Chakra Herbal Cigarettes: Should You Buy Them?

December 07, 2019

chakra herbal cigarettes pack with text

When cigarettes are tagged with anything that brings you to the way the ancients practice smoking, you’d naturally want to try them out. Mix the words “chakra” and “herbal,” and your curiosity’s peaked like meerkat standing on attention. Let’s see if Chakra Herbal Cigarettes are as good as they sound like and if you should bother trying them out.

Bidis are traditional herbal cigarettes in India.

What are Chakra Herbal Cigarettes?

These are herbal cigarettes that are a blend of natural Indian Ayurvedic herbs and extracts. Also known as beedies, the cigarette makers use Tendu Leaves to wrap the blend. Each cigarette roll is composed of organic tendu leaf, Arjun, anise, licorice, Natural Ayurvedic, and Vanilla flavor, plus a blend of secret spices. Looking at it from this perspective, it’s an all-natural cigarette with no chemicals. You won’t be burning any paper as you smoke, just leaves and herbs that aim to promote overall wellness.

These cigarettes don’t come with a filter, which can make the smoke a bit harsh even for those who are used to smoking. This means you can’t have that deep drag like you would with your regular Marlboro cigarette. You have to take the puffs easy and lighten up a bit to help your throat adjust.

The packing of the rolls is not as neat and Garden Fairy Co, which painstakingly machine-packed by a lovely lady. Some experience the cigarette crumbling, creating a mess on some occasions but not always.

How much does a pack of Chakra Herbal Cigarettes cost?

You can’t find a specific company that will sell them, and the only information you can get about the price will be from other sellers. It’s actually pretty hard to come by, and stocks are zero to none in Amazon. Walmart has it for $37.50 a pack, and even there, it’s out of stock.

If you’re going to ask for shipping, that will depend on which vendor you get it from. As of now, though, you may have to wait long for them to restock.

Chakra comes in mild vanilla flavor and gives off an aromatic spicy smoke.

How does Chakra Herbal Cigarettes compare to natural cigarettes?

Compared to other herbal cigarettes like the Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes, many seem to appreciate the blend of flavors. Most are loving the vanilla-flavored variety, with the smell and taste that are subtle yet distinct. You may not get to taste it at first, but you’d definitely smell it after a while. The longer you smoke it, the more you get the taste of the flavoring.

Unlike other herbal cigarettes, this one comes close to puffing regular tobacco. The throat sensation is almost the same, minus the nicotine buzz and tobacco flavor. It can help you ease out from smoking until your body gets used to the absence of nicotine in smoke.

One problem is that they don’t seem to burn as evenly as you would expect. This uneven burn is probably due to the way they roll the Chakra Herbal Cigarettes, or how the Tendu leaves were dried.


Bidi cigarettes like Chakra Herbal Cigarettes come from India and Southeast Asian countries. Many describe these hand-rolled cigarettes as cigarettes on training wheels. Because the sweet flavors and an herb blend that’s milder than tobacco, people use these often to help cut back smoking.

Although Chakra Herbal Cigarettes claim to be nicotine-free and tobacco-free, they are still bidi cigarettes. Tests on bidi cigarettes revealed that they contain three to five times more nicotine compared to traditional cigarettes. These tests may come from other banned bidis, but there are no lab tests that will support Chakra’s claim of zero tobacco and nicotine.

For those who want to quit smoking, or are after herbal cigarettes for medicinal purposes, hemp cigarettes provide a better experience. These are cigarettes made from government-approved hemp farms and contain close to zero THC.

We here at Lucky Leaf Hemp grow our own hemp in our Colorado farm. We use these hemps to make our hemp cigarettes, cutting down the cost while implementing strict production guidelines for safety and purity. Each stick contains 50mg of CBD and as less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. You will have all the medicinal and relaxing effects needed for relaxation and pain management. Zero nicotine and no tobacco, Lucky Leaf Hemp Cigarettes will help you cut down smoking as you relax after a long day. Click here now and taste what our hemp cigarette is made of!

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