Green Rosales Hemp Cigarettes: An Honest Review

October 10, 2019


You want to quit smoking, but those patches are just not doing it for you. You also tried vaping, yet the vapor is irritating on your throat and doesn’t feel natural. Now on the rise is another alternative to help you quit smoking, which is hemp cigarettes.

Hemp has been taking a bad rap for decades and treated as an illegal substance. It’s been classified as a schedule 1 drug in the DEA’s list of controlled substances during the 1970s. What it means is that hemp wasn’t accepted for medical use and has a high risk of abuse. Although you can generally buy and use hemp in the US for clean fuel, building material, beer, clothes, and food, this category severely limited hemp production, and consumption.

In December 2018, President Donald Trump passed the farm bill in which included the legalization of hemp. When the previous classification made researchers and farmers hesitant to study more about hemp, the new law gave them a different level of freedom. More researchers are now looking into hemp and how it can help people manage their acute or chronic health conditions.


Green Rosales started their crowdfunding in 2015 to boost their production of hemp cigarettes.

The emergence of hemp cigarettes

Years before approval of the farm bill, companies began producing their own hemp-ettes or hemp cigarettes. These are smoking sticks filled not with tobacco, but with hemp material that’s been painstakingly trimmed and ground.

However, it’s a challenge to create hemp cigarettes because it’s gluey and muggy compared to regular tobacco. However, through the use of specialized equipment and enhanced drying technology, the production of hemp cigarettes gradually began to improve.

What is Green Rosales Hemp Cigarettes

One of the companies striving to create and perfect the said production is Green Rosales. Their goal is to produce organic and nicotine-free hemp cigarettes and make them accessible to smokers worldwide. Their product contains no nicotine, and they believe that their Hemp Cigarettes are a less-toxic alternative for quitting tobacco.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the hemp cigarettes use hemp as a wrapper. There’s also a filter inside, which is solid compared to what Wild Hemp used for their hemp-ettes. The packaging also says the hemp cigarettes are nicotine-free and 100% organic.


The hemp cigarettes use hemp as a wrap instead of paper and claims no euphoric or narcotic effect.

However, there’s not much information about his brand. The only details that you can get about Green Rosales Hemp Cigarettes are in an Indiegogo page that they created to come up with crowdfunding for their product. Their YouTube channel contains three promotional videos that promote Green Rosales Hemp Cigarettes but bare no information whatsoever about the product.

Where did they get their hemp? Did hemp cigarettes undergo third-party lab testing? How much CBD per pack are we looking at? More importantly, where is the company located and from where will the hemp-ettes come from? Their Indiegogo crowdfunding page says that the campaign originates in Aarhus, Denmark, but they accept donations in AUD currency. Aside from this page, there’s no other way for you to get Green Rosales Hemp Cigarettes in any online store.

Is Green Rosales Hemp Cigarettes legit?

There’s no way of telling. One person left a comment in their YouTube video saying that they got their pack of hemp cigarettes. However, there’s no telling if they got their hemp cigarettes from Green Rosales, or from a different company. There are also no reviews that tell you how effective and potent these cigarettes are. The company started its campaign 3 years ago, but there’s no information whether or not they were able to come up with a decent amount to continue with their venture. If you’re looking for hemp cigarettes, it’s best to get them from a more reliable source.

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