Heimat Hemp Cigarettes: Swiss-made Pre-Rolls to Try?

October 11, 2019


Previously, we talked about Green Rosales Hemp Cigarettes, a hemp pre-roll that had crowdfunding based in Aarhus, Denmark. Today we’ll shed light on another foreign brand, this time from Switzerland.

What are Heimat Hemp Cigarettes?

Roger Koch spent years developing cigarettes using Swiss tobacco until he was able to get past several setbacks. In April 2016, Heimat was created somewhere in a small village of Steinach. That’s when Roger and a group of enterprising individuals gathered together. From there they created natural Swiss cigarettes that stemmed from Roger’s childhood moment with his grandfather.

Following several products the Heimat Hemp cigarettes soon came to be. There are two types of Heimat Hemp Cigarettes: one is made with Swiss tobacco and hemp, the other one with pure hemp only. For this blog, we’ll talk more about Heimat’s pure hemp cigarettes.

What makes Heimat Hemp Cigarettes different?


Heimat hemp cigarettes use pure hemp and the first one to use 100% cellulose tissue filter.

At first glance, it looks like a normal cigarette, but inside is pure Swiss hemp. The cigarettes contain no tobacco, so they’re entirely nicotine free. The challenge of using hemp for pre-rolls is the sticky resin that interferes with the rolling process as well as the smoking experience. Heimat developed and patented a solution that helps them perfect their own rolling techniques.

They’ve also added several innovations to their hemp cigarettes. They use unbleached recycled paper for their rolls, and they are the first in the world to use 100% cellulose tissue for their filter. Heimat hemp cigarettes contain less than 1% THC but have more than 20% CBD.

How much does Heimat hemp cigarettes cost?

These cigarettes sell for CHF 19.90 per pack in Switzerland, which is roughly about roughly the same in USD.

Can I order from the US?

It’s a challenge to find Heimat Hemp cigarettes in the US as Heimat strictly sells hemp products in Switzerland only. We don’t know if the company is considering expanding overseas in the future, granting the nature and restrictions of transporting hemp.

What do others say about them?

It’s hard to see any reviews about Heimat Hemp Cigarettes online, probably because they’re distribution is restricted to Switzerland. You won’t see any buzz about these hemp cigarettes like what Wild Hemp Hemp Hempettes have on the net. Considering the innovations that they’ve made with the product, it would be interesting to find out how exactly these hemp cigarettes taste.

If ever you do find one in the US, there’s no telling if you’ve got an authentic product or not. Should you know the seller, or if the vendor has a solid trust-worthy reputation, then you have a high chance of getting the real deal. However, if the seller is selling the product at a lower or unbelievably higher price, that’s a red flag right there. If you want to quit smoking or want a good CBD experience it’s best to look for a local vendor that you can trust. Going local not only helps the domestic hemp industry, but it also assures that you have a safe product controlled under US industry standards.

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