• hemp in a jar
    Can CBD Drops Get You High?

      Short answer – No. CBD oil drops will not get you high because CBD is not a psychoactive compound. But, it may induce relaxation so if you want to label that as ‘getting high’, then yes. However, that’s not really ‘high’ in either medical or conventional sense of the word. That was the short […]

    Jan 01, 2019
  • CBD Content In Hemp vs. Marijuana

    The first and major parameter for differentiating CBD (cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids) content present in hemp vs. marijuana is based on – the levels of CBD and THC present in both.   CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) levels vary significantly in cannabis and hemp.   THC levels in cannabis are more highly concentrated than […]

    Dec 10, 2018