Wild Hemp Hemp ettes: Is This Brand Worth A Shot?

October 09, 2019

Many are looking for alternatives that will help them quit smoking and manage their health conditions. As a result, hempettes are on the rise, which is more like your machine-rolled joints for your convenience. One of the famous brands is Wild Hemp Hemp ettes, which are locally grown and locally made in the US. Let’s find out more about these hempettes and if buying a pack will give you the smoking experience you’re after.

Wild Hemp Hemp-ettes single packs come in 20ct boxes.

What are Wild Hemp Hemp ettes?

Hemp-ettes are hemp rolled exactly like a cigarette, so you have the rod that holds the hemp, and a filter. The only difference is that the filter here is used to keep the hemp from touching your mouth. For these particular hempettes, you’ll see at the tip of the filter a star emblem. It’s a hole that allows you to get as much smoke as you can without filtering away too much CBD.

Wild Hemp is a product of America Juice Co, a company that aims to give you the best experience through high-quality products. The company uses 100% organic hemp and the products are tobacco-free. According to the website, Wild Hemp Hemp ettes are made using quality materials gathered from the Colorado mountains. Wild Hemp products are also non-psychoactive and the source is 100% farm bill compliant that backs it up as harvested from a hemp plant. Each batch undergoes 3rd party lab tests to ensure that you get a clean product that is safe and offers “reliable relief.”

How much do these hemp cigarettes cost?

A pack of 20ct Wild Hemp hempettes pack will cost $12.99. Other sites and smokeshops sell them for as much as $19.99 per pack.

wild hemp hemp ettes

Each hempette comes with 10mg CBD and are tobacco-free.

How does Wild Hemp Hemp ettes compare to other hemp cigarettes?

You get 10mg cannabinoids per hemp-ette, which is enough to help you manage your medication needs. Some claim that Wild Hemp Hempettes help manage their anxiety and was able to calm them down. If you’re using these to help manage your pain, however, they’re not going to help you significantly. Still, a lot of smokers find success in cutting down cigarette smoking as well as relax.

Many don’t care much for the smell and taste. When you open the box, there’s a strange aroma that you get that makes you doubt if it’s hemp or not. When you light it up, though, that’s when you’ll know that you’re smoking hemp. The smoke is also a bit harsh for some, and one described the taste akin to that of hay and lawn clippings. Others say it’s like you’re smoking regular cigarettes instead of hemp.

Hemp may affect each one individually. If you have low tolerance, a stick should be more than enough for a day. One reported getting a massive headache after smoking a second stick in 2-hour interval. It’s best that you monitor how your body reacts before you hit the second stick.

Someone compared the CBD content of Wild Hemp Hemp ettes to those of Pure Gold. A Wild Hemp stick can give you 10mg of CBD, while Pure Gold hemp stick has 75mg of CBD. If you’re going to base it on the CBD content, Wild Hemp is more expensive in comparison.


If you want to quit smoking you can wean away with the help of hempettes. However, to get a higher success rate with your goal, it’s important that you get a product that has a good effect as well as taste. There are those who find using Wild Hemp hemp-ettes a great experience, and they were able to reach their goal. However, there are several who find it challenging to finish a pack, regardless of the interval between hempettes. Although there are many positive reviews of the product on the website, feedback in Reddit is not satisfactory. The CBD content is also low compared to others, which makes it not suitable for managing your pain. It may be better for you if you get a different brand of hempette if you want something else that has a stronger effect, or a better taste.

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